Erik Todd Goluboff, M.D.

Dr. Goluboff Erik T. Goluboff, M.D., is Attending Urologist at Beth Israel Medical Center. He is a board certified urologist and a Fellow of the American College of Surgeons. He is a graduate of the Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine and Columbia College of Columbia University. After completing his residency at Columbia, Dr. Goluboff had additional training in the diagnosis and surgical treatment of urologic cancers such as prostate, bladder, kidney, penis and testis. Dr. Goluboff recently completed a major phase III clinical trial of a new drug for advanced prostate cancer and is currently participating in many other clinical trials with new drugs for urologic disorders. Dr. Goluboff now has his MBA, having finished an MBA program at NYU in 2015 with specializations in corporate finance, financial instruments, and management.He was the Valedictorian of the J15 class.

Dr. Goluboff is now Professor of Urology at Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai.

Dr. Goluboff is now at
Beth Israel Medical Center
where he is Attending Urologist.

Dr. Goluboff was recently on NBC News explaining the new prostate cancer screening guidelines

Dr. Goluboff specializes in

Radical Prostatectomies
Kidney Removals
Radical Cystectomies & Bladder Reconstruction
Nephrectomies & Partial Nephrectomies

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English and Spanish are spoken in our office. For more information about Dr. Goluboff, please see the Physician page.

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